The whole world is facing an pandemic which have bring a situation of complete lockdown. We all are aware that we are going to witness a major change in our lifestyle and face of our whole world. Till now we have faced many losses and it is predicted that the whole economy will also face a heavy devastation. Despite of various losses we have faced and may witness which we can’t ignore various positive points in this lockdown and how we can utilise this time for our benefit and improvement. Here are various ways in which the lockdown has proved to be beneficial for us:


All the offices, work place, schools and colleges are closed; which brings every member of our family together in our homes. In this situation we have realised that in our difficult times it is our family which will be with us. We all are privileged to spend this time with our family. This is the best time to understand each other, entertain each other, learn something new from our mother/wife/sister such as cooking and support them in their daily chores and can have a good time with each other.


We all wish to learn something new which we really like such as singing, playing musical instruments, painting or drawing, dancing, photography and many more things and even wish to enhance our knowledge. This is the best time to utilise to learn what we really wish. Usually we don’t manage time for all this stuffs due to our profession or various commitments.


During this pandemic we all are advised to give a special attention to our health, especially immunity. Who among us don’t wants a healthy and a well shaped body. But to achieve this we have to adopt exercises and yoga in our habit and routine. But there are many who make excuses of insufficient time and their profession. This lockdown proves to be a period in which we have sufficient time to adopt this physical exercises and yoga as a part of our life, and improve our health and body and make ourself immune to all this deadly viruses. The current situation has proved that our health is our real wealth.


Earlier we were used to told that we should make real friends in the real world, not on the imaginary world of social networking sites. But now in this current scenario we have to maintain social distance even with our dearest friends. Now social networking sites and apps proved to be a important tool for connecting us with our friends especially real friends. Through chatting, calling and talking face-to-face through video call we are still connected to our dearest friends.


Due to this pandemic a great demand of safety kits have increased such as mask, N-95 mask, PPE kit, hand wash, sanitizer, gloves and many more things. During this period of devastating economy the demand and supply of these safety kits is the only hope to retrieve our economy. A new market of handmade masks and gloves have also emerged, which will soon create a scope massive in cottage industry. This lockdown has also created a boost in the online shopping and home delivery services. People are now preferring ebooks over a hard copy due to this current situation. Even when movie theatres are closed online channels have witnessed a massive increase in their subscribers. It may be possible in near future that most of the films may get release on this online channels instead of movie theatres. When all the restaurants are closed, the whole market is relying on the online food delivery services. This all are the symptoms that in near future we will see a new emerging market with a heavy dependence on digital and online services.


Earlier the greatest task for us was reaching office in time and leaving office in time. But now a new working culture is introduced due to this pandemic and lockdown which is ‘Work from Home’. Now every sector and firm is trying to run their office by engaging most of their employees from their homes as far as it is possible. Meetings have turned into online video conferencing. Even schools and colleges are also trying to cover their syllabus by online videos and online video conferencing. May be the culture of window tickets for trains and buses will end soon. Even it may be possible that doctors will prescribe medicines in non serious cases through video conferencing.


This pandemic and lockdown have shown us the importance of the people working in medical and police services. When we all are staying in our homes to keep us safe they are battling with this situation like the two face of a single coin. On one side our medical staff is working round the clock to recover the victims of this pandemic and on other side our police personnel are doing everything to make this lockdown successful to break the chain of Corona. Even we can’t neglect the contribution of sweepers and personnel of municipal corporations who are continuously sanitizing and cleaning our cities. Media personnel are also doing a lot by spreading awareness and keeping us updated about the current situation. They all are risking their and their families life for keeping us safe and making this lockdown successful that’s why they have been honoured by the title of ‘Corona Warriors’.


We all are aware of the deterioration of our nature due to the greed of development of human race. When we realised this situation various summits have been organised at global level. Governments of many nations had pledged to save nature but nothing happened. All the attempts to revive the nature are proved to be useless because no one wants to lag behind in the race of development. Air Quality Index of many cities were becoming worse day-by-day. But the lockdown proved itself to be the best tool for giving a new life to the nature. There is a huge reduction in various types of pollutions like in air, noise and water pollution because all the industries are closed and there are minimum vehicles on the road. AQI is dropped in all the cities, which means now we have a clean and fresh air to breath. Even the birds who started migrating due to non favourable environment for them have started flying fearlessly in the sky.

While we have mentioned some positive points of the lockdown, we can’t see this whole situation to be positive. Afterall it is one of the most deadly disaster we humans are facing. We hope that soon we will cope up with this situation either by adopting a new culture or making ourselves more immune against this virus or both. We all have a hope with our heroes in research laboratories that they will soon develop a vaccine for the humankind against this virus. Wishing you all a healthy life and good times with your dearest ones.

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