On 20th March, 2020, the four convicts of the Nirbhaya rape case Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Akshay Thakur were hanged till death at 05:30 am in the morning. But to achieve this justice a long legal battle had been fought inspite of the fact that this incident had provoked the whole nation against this brutal act and incompetence of the government and administration for not providing safety to women from this demons. The incident had snatched attention from all over the world. Government and judiciary had faced a lot of criticism for their slow delivering of justice in such a case.

There were six convicts in this case; Ram Singh, Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Mohammed Afroz, Pawan Gupta and Akshay Thakur. Ram Singh had committed suicide in Tihar jail. Mohammed Afroz had been released after a three years imprisonment in a reform facility, because at the time of incident his age was six months less than eighteen as per his school documents and birth certificate. The rest were hanged to death on 20th of this March.

But to bring this demons to their destiny a young lawyer Seema Samriddhi Kushwaha had struggled with the parents of Nirbhaya (Jyoti Singh). A civil service aspirant Seema had took the case of Nirbhaya just after her graduation in law from Delhi University in 2014. She had not charged any fees for her first case and have also joined Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust as a legal adviser. During her graduation she had also participated in protest at Rashtrapati Bhawan after this incident.

To her opposite Ajay Prakash Singh was defending this scars of our society (except Mukesh Singh). A lawyer in the apex court A P Singh, had said that he is defending them for his mother’s wish who insisted him after seeing the distress of this rapists family. In an interview he had also said that he will himself burn his daughter and sister alive in front of his family if they have a relationship before marriage or lowers their standard and character. He had also defended Rampal in murdering in Satlok ashram case which he had lost. He had exploited all the loopholes in judiciary to extend the life of the convicts. He also filed pleas in stages to delay the death sentence.

The legal battle and the struggle faced by the Nirbhaya’s parents and their lawyer Seema Samriddhi has showed up that how much loopholes and obstructions are there in our judicial system which delay and forbids the justice, specially in crimes against women. The most brutal among them Mohammed Afroz was released just after three years from a reform facility just because his documents says he is minor, inspite of the fact that his cruel act don’t. The Delhi Police requested for age verification (bone ossification) test, but was rejected by Juvenile Justice Board.

Seema Samriddhi being a fresh lawyer bravely fought against this cruel act. The case was in the limelight of the whole world with a high media coverage then also the victims have suffered delayed justice. We don’t know how much a victim is facing in a similar case which have not came into the attention of media or public. The defence lawyer Ajay Prakash Singh justified the act of this demons by citing to the culture. But as per our culture and tradition a woman must be respected. Our culture had witnessed two great wars; one when Shri Ram attacked Ravan’s Lanka and other is Mahabharata; both the wars had been fought against the evils just for disrespecting a woman. No excuses can be made to justify such a cruel act.

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